Pet Care Professionals

Chance's Spot can help veterinarians, shelter personnel, and animal rescue workers understand, manage, and address Compassion Fatigue. Please feel free to explore or Compassion Fatigue Video and our helpful Pet and Animal eBooks collection. Or, if you would like to offer your clients support and ways to cope with the terminal illness or loss of their pet, Chance's Spot provides local and online pet loss support. Please contact us for more details or to schedule a visit so that we can assist you.

  • Pet Loss Online Support Groups Online Support Forum

    Are you animal care professional who feels overwhelmed and needs support? Share your stories and find others in your field who understand at our Online Pet Loss Support Forum!

  • Commpassion Fatigue eBooks Supportive eBooks

    Our large collection of ebooks includes information about compassion fatigue, pet care, pet first aid, and other pet topics and is the perfect resource for pet care professionals!

  • Commpassion Fatigue Video Compassion Fatigue

    Watch our video to learn about Compassion Fatigue among pet care professionals. Rescuers and veterinarians may experience this kind of 'burn out' from working closely with trauma.

  • Pet Education Programs Educational Programs

    Chance's Spot provides counseling, presentations, and educational programs, including team building, for animal shelter and rescue workers on request. Schedule a visit today!