Pet Loss Gifts

If you're looking for pet loss books, great gifts, or remembrance items, you'll find them here, at our online store. All items include shipping and handling charges.

  • Joey Camen My Life with Snoopy

    An exciting, tail wagging story about Snoopy, a rescue dog. You'll laugh and shed a few tears, as you enjoy this perspective on the dog-human connection.

  • Dr. Mary buddemeyer-Porter Animal Miracles Of The God Kind

    This book talks about the special miracles that God allows the animals, which He created for His glory, and will affirm the providence of God for ALL His creatures.

  • Mary Buddemeyer-Porter Will I see Fido in Heaven?

    This concise book covers Scriptures from the Bible and includes quotes from the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, and fourteen true-life animal stories.

  • Canine Cancer Canine Cancer Pin

    Our Canine Cancer Memorial Pins are a great way to honor your dog and draw awareness to canine cancer. These blue enamel ribbons are accented with a silver paw print.

  • Lola Ball When Your Dog Has Cancer

    In this important book, author Lola Ball provides answers to the question of what you the owner can do if your dog is struck by cancer.

  • Mary Buddemeyer-Porter Animals, Immortal Beings

    This inspiring and comforting book is considered by many reviewers to be the most comprehensive source of scriptural proof on the topic of animal immortality.

  • Rainbow Bracelet Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

    Our Rainbow Bridge Paracord Bracelets are bright and durable with a locking clasp. Available in 8" and 10" lengths. (*Please specify size at checkout).

  • Paw Prints Pin Paw Prints on My Heart

    These beautiful pins are intended to let others know your pet has left paw prints on your heart. These red enamel, heart-shaped ribbons have a silver paw print.