Pet Loss Support for Kids

This special section of Chance's Spot is to help kids with their feelings about pet loss as well as provide activities to help them learn about their animal friends. Here, kids can find a Pet Loss Journal and several eBooks about pet loss and grief. Parents will find ways to support their child, as well, and are encouraged to do these activities together. And, in addition to our very special Rainbow Bridge Video, there's also several videos about treating animals with kindness.

  • Pet Loss eBooks for Kids eBooks for Kids

    Chance's Spot has free pet loss workbooks, ebooks, coloring pages and the My Awesome Pet Journal for you to help you understand and share the feelings you have when a pet dies.

  • Pet and Animal Crafts Pets Color Pages

    Are you an artist? Well, you don't have to be to color our cute pet pictures. Just print them and use your favorite makers, paints, or crayons to create a masterpiece!

  • Pet Keepsake Pet Keepsakes

    Here's a great way to memorialize an animal companion or to celebrate one that you have. There's even a place for you to include a photograph of your bestest friend.

  • Pet and Animal Videos Pet and Animal Videos

    We have several different cool videos about pet care and safety that will help you to be a real friend of animals. Plus, be sure and watch our very special Rainbow Bridge video!

  • Dog Brains Pet Quiz Pets Age Calculator

    Have you ever wondered how old your dog or cat is in human years? Well, it's time to find out. We have an approximate age for your cat or dog based on size and human to cat or dog years.

  • Kids Pet Loss Support

    Hey, kids! If you're feeling really sad after a pet dies try to find someone to talk to. Ask a parent, teacher, or friend who is a good listener. Don't keep your feelings bottled up. Let them out and you'll feel a lot better!