Humane Education

Free Humane Education Programs

Chance's Spot believes that educating children about pet care, pet safety, and the humane treatment of animals is vital. Humane education helps children learn compassion, patience, and empathy not just towards animals, but towards others. Our free interactive programs teach children respect for animals, safety around animals, and responsible pet care while encouraging them to promote kindness to animals among their peers. They learn that being kind to animals is not only fun but rewarding as well.

Our humane education programs are perfect for schools, churches, clubs, libraries and other venues across the United States. Chance's Spot is able to travel across the country and will be happy to visit you. We have specifically developed programs for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade so schedule a visit by using this contact form.

Free Humane Education Lesson Plans

Chance's Spot also provides free sample humane education lesson plans for you to download. Included are outlines, exercises, and handouts for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Please feel free to download as many as you like and contact us with any questions.