Jig-Paw Puzzle

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After shuffling the pieces, the goal of the Jig Paw Puzzle is to arrange the pieces on the board until the picture is complete. You can only move one piece at a time by clicking (or tapping) on it to slide it into the adjacent open square.

This Week's Puzzle: The Black-Crested Macaque

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The black-crested macaque is a species of monkey found on two small Indonesian islands. It is covered in entirely black fur, and the fur on its face creates a crest by growing outward and curving back. Males grow to be about 2 feet tall, while females reach around 1.5 feet. Males weigh around 22 pounds, while females weigh 12 pounds. Another difference between males and females is that males have large canine teeth, which they use to fight other males for females and to protect its food from encroaching macaque groups. Black-crested macaques live in groups of 27 to 97 members, so fights those fights over food can become hectic.

The black-crested macaques adapt well to the various environments on the Indonesian islands. Normally, they reside in forested areas, spending as much time on the ground as they do in the trees. However, due to many geological disturbances on the islands, the macaques do not have a permanent home. Rather, they will move around the island, living in any hospitable region, be it lowlands, logged forests, or even human dwellings. Once the macaques find a location with ample fruit, their dietary staple, they will stop wandering.