Jig-Paw Puzzle

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After shuffling the pieces, the goal of the Jig Paw Puzzle is to arrange the pieces on the board until the picture is complete. You can only move one piece at a time by clicking (or tapping) on it to slide it into the adjacent open square.

This Week's Puzzle: The Hawaiian Stilt

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The ae‘o, or Hawaiian stilt, is a waterbird native to the wetland areas of the Hawaiian Islands. It usually stays in areas where the water is no greater than 9 inches (24 centimeters) deep so that it can forage in the water while standing on its long, slender, pink legs. It is an opportunistic feeder so it eats a variety of prey, including worms, crabs, insects, and fish. While the Hawaiian stilt forages in wetlands, it prefers to make nests in newly exposed mudflats, where it can lay its eggs and both parents can guard the nest. It is a large, slender shorebird which is black above and white below and with a white forehead and variable white spot above the eye. It has long pink legs and a long dark bill. Male birds have jet black upperparts whilst females have browner feathering on their backs. Females also have lower pitched voices.

The biggest concern surrounding the Hawaiian stilt is its threat of extinction. It is currently threatened by introduced predators, environmental contaminants, and habitat loss brought on by expanding agriculture. The State of Hawaii is attempting to rebuild wetlands and protect the Hawaiian stilt from predators.