Talking to Your Pet

It’s been known that when speaking to children it’s best to kneel so that they don’t have to look up at you. This also applies to our pets. To them, we tower above them and they must always look up to see our face. Think about it or better yet, crawl around on your hands and knees for a few minutes pretending to be your pet. It will give you a stiff neck real quick.

Therefore, it’s nice to get down to our pet’s level every once in a while. When giving your pet a treat, don’t just stand there and bend over. Kneel down close to your pet’s face instead. You may even try lying on the floor with your pet sometimes, instead of having them lie at your feet.

Your size and tone of voice covey your alpha role to your pet. But sometimes it’s nice to share your pet’s experiences at his or her level. And as you may find, it’s also nice to be thanked by wet kisses and gentle head-butts.