Holidays with Pets

Holidays with PetsAs the holidays grow near, we all tend to become a little stressed, including our pets. With all the activities and people visiting, not to mention holiday decorations, our pets can become a little frightened at all the unfamiliar goings… Continue reading

Thanksgiving and Pet Safety

tgWith Thanksgiving less than a week away, it’s probably a good idea to mention a few food safety tips for our pets. Because while pet parents often think they are giving their four-legged friend a special treat by feeding them… Continue reading

Pet Stains and Odors

Whether it’s a puppy, kitten, aged or sick pet, when your pet urinates inside your home, it can be tough to get the odors out. When urine odor persists, it encourages your pet to continue using the same inappropriate areas… Continue reading

Children and Pets

Children and PetsThere has always been a special bond between children and animals. Most of us had some type of pet when we were children and enjoy seeing other children enjoying our pets today.

Socializing dogs to children is best done when… Continue reading