Pet Treats

treatsPet treats. I try to avoid giving my dogs a lot of them. And, I especially try to avoid doling them out for no reason. Not to sound as if I don’t love my dogs, but a lot more petting… Continue reading

Tissue Game for Cats

kleenxI realize that although there’s often a lot of reference to our canine companions at Chance’s Spot, many people have feline friends as well. I enjoy cats, but I’m also very allergic to them. So, we are strictly a human/canine… Continue reading

HTA 2016 Guest Announced

Hero DogsHonoring the Animals (HTA) is a candlelight vigil and animal blessing that is held on National Pet Memorial Day. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) has designated the second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day and HTA… Continue reading

Keeping Cool

pool Well, although summer isn’t ‘officially’ here for another few weeks, most of us are getting a dose of what the dogs days will be like. Hot, humid temperatures make me want to spend more time inside with the air conditioner,… Continue reading