Storm Anxiety and Your Pet

stormyRain. We’ve been getting a lot of it here in the Ohio Valley. Wind, hail, thunder and lighting. And while my dogs don’t have any trouble with storms, I know that it isn’t uncommon for some pets to become stressed… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

Over the last few months I have received several emails from people who have struggled with the pending loss of their pet. And while I feel I could never ever advise someone on how to deal with a subject such… Continue reading

What’s in Your Pet’s Food?

petfoodAfter Chance passed away, I became very interested in the food I had been feeding him, and how that affected his health. What I found horrified me. And now, recent studies confirm that many commercial pet foods may contribute to… Continue reading

Safe Driving with Pets

Our pets are part of the family, and like other family members, often travel in the car. Whether it’s a trip to the vet, a driving vacation or a ride to the park, transporting your pet can take a toll… Continue reading